Community Baptist Church currently has the following Bible Studies on a regular (weekly) basis:

Adult Sunday School

This class is studying the 10-week DVD series on Francis Schaeffer's "How Should We Then Live?" Throughout this series, we can glean very important information about the rise and decline of Western civilization and its influence on the church.

On The Literature Table:

Free Grace Broadcaster

The latest edition of "Free Grace Broadcaster", a quarterly digest of classic Christian sermons and articles is now available on the ushers' table. This edition is entitled "Spiritual Mindedness." All issues are also available for download at the following website:


The latest edition of Tabletalk from Ligonier Ministries is now available on the ushers' table. Each issue of Tabletalk combines a timely topic with daily readings to encourage in-depth Bible study. This month's issue is "The Trinity".

Bible Reading Calendar, by Robert Murray M'Cheyne

It is a concise course whereby one can read through the whole Bible once a year - with the Psalms & the New Testament twice. The tables have two separate columns; one for family readings and one for private [in secret] readings. M'Cheyne's Calendar was highly recommended by famous preachers such as Charles Haddon Spurgeon. In John Stott's "Between Two Worlds" he expresses his gratitude for having been given M'Cheyne's 'Bible reading calendar' (p183).