The Reformation & the 17th Century English Baptists

October 30-31, 2010

4:45 pm Saturday evening 1st session
6:00 pm Supper (Provided)
(Please notify the church office if you are planning on attending so adequate food will be available.)
7:00 pm 2nd Session
October 31 during regular services (9:00 am, 5:00 pm)

The Reformation & the Baptist

The 17th Century Baptists were deeply committed to the principles of the reformed and covenantal theology.

Opposition & Explanation

The 17th Century England Baptists paid a huge price for departing from the forms and practices of the Church of England.

A Cloud of Witnesses

There were many influences on the English Baptists, such as John Owen, Thomas Watson, and William Ames.

The Churches & Their Beliefs

The Baptist Confession of 1689 is no secondhand statement of faith. It stands in line with and in advancement of both the Westminster Confession and the Savoy Confession of Faith.