Building a Christian Worldview

April 1-2, 2005

Dr. James M. Grier

Community Baptist Church
3535 25th St SW
Fargo, ND 58104

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How do we effectively live like Christians in a world hostile to God and His glory?

  • The conference examines the nature and function of belief systems, and their value in developing and living a distinctly Christian life.

  • The conference develops a Christian worldview from Biblical theology.

  • The conference will aid you in understanding of other worldviews and how to critique them biblically.

  • The conference will equip you to evaluate ideas, values, and processes in life situations in order to live for the glory of God and His kingdom in this world.


Free to the public


Childcare will be provided on Saturday only for children five years and under on a "first-come first-served" basis due to space limitations. We h4ly encourage those who want childcare to register early.

Conference Schedule




Friday, April 1

7pm - 7:50pm

Conflict of Worldviews in America

Friday, April 1

8pm - 8:50pm

God the Maker of Heaven and Earth: Christian View of Reality

Saturday, April 2

9am - 9:50am

A Christian View of Knowing

Saturday, April 2

10am - 11am

A Christian View of Moral Obligation and Values

Saturday, April 2

11am - 11:30

Q & A

Saturday, April 2

11:30am - 1pm

Lunch Break - Lunch on your own

Saturday, April 2

1pm - 2pm

Using a Christian Worldview in the Church, the Home & Personal Life

Saturday, April 2


Q & A


About Dr. Grier

Dr. James Grier is Distinguished Professor of Philosophical Theology at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, where he served for 15 years as Executive Vice President and Academic Dean. Dr. Grier has taught and pastored for over 30 years. A recognized authority in the area of ethics and moral theology, he has served on numerous hospital boards as a counselor for medical ethics. Dr. Grier is in high demand as a conference speaker on philosophical theology and worldview. His education credentials are: Baptist Bible College, P.A., B.Th.; Grace Theological Seminary, M.Div.; Westminster Theological Seminary, Th.M.; Grace Theological Seminary, Th.D.

He is Adjunct Professor at Asia Baptist Theological Seminary and Adjunct Professor of Ethics and Apologetics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids.

Dr. Grier is Visiting Professor at Evangelical Baptist Seminary of Quebec and at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London Reformed Baptist Seminary, London, England.

Dr. Grier is a contributing author to various books, journals and magazines.