Directions for M'Cheyne's daily Bible reading calendar

  1. The centre column contains the day of the month. The two first columns contain the chapter to be read in the family. The two last columns contain the portions to be read in secret.
  2. The head of the family should previously read over the chapter indicated for the family worship and mark two or three of the most prominent verses upon which he may dwell, asking a few simple questions.
  3. Frequently the chapter named in the calendar for family reading might be read more suitably in secret; in which case the head of the family should intimate that it be read in private, and the chapter for secret reading may be used in the family.
  4. The metrical version of the Psalms should be read or sung through at least once in the year. It is truly an admirable translation from the Hebrew, and is frequently more correct than the prose version. If three verses be sung at each diet of family worship, the whole Psalms will be sung through in the year.
  5. Let the conversation at the family meals frequently turn upon the chapter read; thus every meal will be a sacrament, being sanctified by the Word and prayer.
  6. Let our secret reading prevent the dawning of the day. Let God's voice be the first we hear in the morning. Mark two or three of the richest verses and pray over every line and word of them. Let the marks be neatly done, never as to abuse a copy of the Bible.
  7. In meeting believers on the street or elsewhere, when an easy opportunity offers, recur to the chapters read that morning. This will be a blessed exchange for those idle words which waste the soul and grieve the Holy Spirit of God. In writing letters to those at a distance, make use of the provision of the day gathered.
  8. Above all, use the Word as a lamp to your feet and a light to your path - your guide in perplexity, your armour in temptation, your food in times of faintness. Hear the constant cry of the great Intercessor, "SANCTIFY THEM THROUGH THY TRUTH : THY WORD IS TRUTH."